Bamland commercial and recreational Complex – مجتمع تجاری تفریحی بام لند

مجموعه تفریحی- تجاری بام لند در ادامه طراحی پهنه ساحلی چیتگر به این دفتر ارجاع داده شد. مجموعه مشتمل بر فضاهای تجاری، رستوران ها و سایر فضاهای تفریحی است که طراحی آن از سال 1392 در این دفتر آغاز و تا سال 1395 بخش های مختلف آن از جمله مجموعه ساختمان ها و منظر آن انجام پذیرفت.

Merging the Social life into commerce, could be an advantage for cities and a boomer for Shopping centers. Traditionally, “Bazaar” has been an immediate part of Persian cities with a great public roll in citizens’ everyday life. The main design concept of Bamland is bringing back the social side of the “bazaar” into a modern shopping center.
It happens through an intermingling synthetization of buildings, plazas and the supporting landscape. The project consists of 12 two floors buildings looking to the “Chitgar Lake,” and a continues 10000 m2 basement. The fluid open space surrounds and blends into the complex. At the basement level a continuous 600m spinal corridor passes through the shops. It is connected to a network of court yards and gets the fresh air and daylight from that. These yards with different themes and scales are the hearts to flow the social life between buildings and the landscape.