Lake shore Landscape design of the Chitgar artificial lake-طراحی منظر پهنه ساحلی دریاچه چیتگر

The lakeshore landscape design of Chitgar Lake is a new model of urban public parks in Iran, different from most previous projects in the country. It is based on natural materials and green infrastructures. It was one of the largest and most challenging landscape projects in Iran. The adjacency of newly-built dense urban fabric with no particular identity on one side and the lake and Chitgar Forest on the other, make the narrow lakeshore landscape an intermediary open space between the metropolitan mass and nature. The landscape architects created a livable and multifunction place from an ecological standpoint answering the main challenges of the project: protecting the lake’s man-made structure, protecting and enhancing bio diversity, managing storm waters, Revitalization of hydrologic processes and providing a welcoming and safe place for citizens for recreation and environmental educations..

پروژه معماری منظر پهنه ساحلی دریاچه چیتگر با مساحت 65 هکتار در منطقه 22 تهران، به صورت نواری با عرض 25 الی 150 متر، دریاچه چیتگر را در بر می گیرد. این پروژه که طراحی آن از سال 1389 آغاز و به مدت 4 سال به طول انجامید، یکی از بزرگترین فضاهای شهری تهران به شمار می رود.